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1.0: Player begins to play tennis.

1.5: The player begins to exchange, but has difficulty at the baseline and with the serve.

2.0: The player is able to exchange from the baseline on easy balls. Consistency limited by lack of ball control.

2.5: The player successfully exchanges 10 consecutive shots from the baseline, using mainly the forehand. Ball trajectory is arched and speed is moderate.

3.0: The player successfully exchanges 10 consecutive shots at a moderate pace, returning high, short or distant balls with greater efficiency on his dominant shot.

3.5: The player is able to move the opponent or return easy balls with more power. Successful on more than 50% of approach shots.

4.0: The player can prepare his points consistently, thanks to a good variety of shots. However, he is erratic in more difficult situations: fast balls, far shots, playing against an opponent at the net.

4.5: Can use a variety of ball effects. Begins to develop a dominant stroke or good consistency.

5.0: The player successfully exchanges 10 consecutive shots at a higher tempo. He is very consistent and has a dominant stroke.

5.5: This player has developed an identifiable playing style. He has no major weaknesses. He succeeds in counter-attacking difficult or deep balls and does well in game situations. This player can play provincial tournaments and is able to exploit his opponent's weaknesses thanks to the variety of his game.